The Broken Clock is out now!

The final book in the Deadlock Trilogy is out now. It’s called The Broken Clock.

The Broken Clock - EBook 3000 x 4500If you’ve read Regulation 19 and A Place Without Shadows, you know the kind of time-hoppy, plot-twisty, genre-bendy stuff I get up to. This is more of that, but a swarm of mayflies and a super-powered little girl thrown into the mix.

Here’s the official description:

Frank Hinkle and his friends must stop Zed from achieving his ultimate goal: saving the world.

In King’s Crossing, Wisconsin, lives a nine-year-old girl who can pull on time. Residents of the town know odd details about the future, and there’s a twisted tree growing in a park near the center of town.

It’s here Zed has chosen to enact the final phase of his plan to defeat the ancient beings who pursue him. And it’s here that Frank, Sophie, and Mason will make their stand against both Zed and his enemies.
The final chapter of the Deadlock Trilogy is upon us.

Check it out here:
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Or you can get a signed and personalized paperback copy here. Each signed paperback includes three or four handwritten behind-the-scenes annotations. That means every copy is unique. I’m offering a pretty sweet deal on a bundle of Regulation 19, A Place Without Shadows, and The Broken Clock, so check it out.

Now for the most exciting part (for me): waiting for reader reactions!

2 Replies to “The Broken Clock is out now!”

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series so far. I’ve been listening to them on audio. Any chance I could find out when book three will have an audio version?

    Thanks for creating such a compelling universe!

    1. Hi Ben – Thanks for the kind words. The audiobook for book three is in the works, but there is no firm release date yet. It will likely be toward the end of the year. Sorry for the wait!
      – PT

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