The Broken Clock is out now!

The final book in the Deadlock Trilogy is out now. It’s called The Broken Clock.

The Broken Clock - EBook 3000 x 4500If you’ve read Regulation 19 and A Place Without Shadows, you know the kind of time-hoppy, plot-twisty, genre-bendy stuff I get up to. This is more of that, but a swarm of mayflies and a super-powered little girl thrown into the mix.

Here’s the official description:

Frank Hinkle and his friends must stop Zed from achieving his ultimate goal: saving the world.

In King’s Crossing, Wisconsin, lives a nine-year-old girl who can pull on time. Residents of the town know odd details about the future, and there’s a twisted tree growing in a park near the center of town.

It’s here Zed has chosen to enact the final phase of his plan to defeat the ancient beings who pursue him. And it’s here that Frank, Sophie, and Mason will make their stand against both Zed and his enemies.
The final chapter of the Deadlock Trilogy is upon us.

Check it out here:
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Or you can get a signed and personalized paperback copy here. Each signed paperback includes three or four handwritten behind-the-scenes annotations. That means every copy is unique. I’m offering a pretty sweet deal on a bundle of Regulation 19, A Place Without Shadows, and The Broken Clock, so check it out.

Now for the most exciting part (for me): waiting for reader reactions!

Thorns and Tangles is Now Free

My fantasy novella Thorns and Tangles is now free on:

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes and Noble | KoboBook 1 - High Resolution

Here’s the description:


There’s only one rule: never kill for free.

Assassin Zane Halloway has been hired to kill Irving Farns, a reclusive genius whose innovations brought about a golden age of magic. Zane and his apprentice Lily will need to infiltrate the mysterious Abditus Society and find a way to assassinate the world’s leading expert in protective magic.

THORNS AND TANGLES introduces a world of magic, mystery, and assassins. This is the first in a series of novellas, but it also stands alone as a complete story.


Book 2 - High ResolutionAlready read it? Then it’s time to pre-order the sequel, Swords and Shadow! It only 99 cents and it drops on July 30th. Pre-order it, forget about it, and you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you at the end of July.

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

These novellas are a love letter to the fantasy genre. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

What I’ve Learned in Twelve Months


Today is the one year anniversary of the the day I published my first novel, Regulation 19. Here are twelve things I’ve learned in my first twelve months as an author/publisher.

  1. The details matter. Things like cover, editing, marketing, etc. Today’s audience is savvy, and you can’t find them if you don’t have a professional product presented in a professional manner. But…
  2. Story is king. It doesn’t matter how slick your cover is if you don’t deliver the goods.
  3. There is no one path. Some things about indy publishing are awesome. Some things about traditional publishing are awesome. People like fighting about these things. I find it’s better to keep my head down and keep writing.
  4. Consistency is key. Every day I take off from writing has a cost. It feels like starting over every time.
  5. There are a ton of awesome people in indy publishing. One of the coolest things about this year has been the friends I’ve made.
  6. Sometimes great stories find their audience. Some of my friends have found great success this year. This is well deserved in every case of which I am aware. Every one of these people is extremely talented and hard working.
  7. Sometimes great stories take a while to find their audience. Other equally talented friends haven’t found an audience as large as they’d like. Yet. I firmly believe they will. The combination of talent and hard work win out in the end. Sometimes it takes a while.
  8. Not every one will read your stuff. This is okay.
  9. Not every one will like your stuff. This, too, is okay. Bad reviews are inevitable. Read them, digest them, and forget them. Better yet, don’t read them. But that’s asking a lot, so if you can’t follow the latter advice, follow the former.
  10. Sometimes bad reviews contain incorrect information. Still okay. Annoying, but okay. You can’t control reviews. Even the ones with poor grammar and misleading information. See above.
  11. There are things you can control. How hard you work. How much you put your heart into your work. How you react to your readers.
  12. Readers are awesome. It humbles me each and every time I consider all the strangers who have taken a chance on an off-beat, creepy story about a small town in Tennessee by an author they’ve never heard of. Thank you, one and all. My life is better because of you.

Writing Update – February 2015

This is a new monthly series where I interview myself in order stay accountable and to keep you all informed about what’s up with P.T.

P.T. – I see you’re 10% to your annual writing goal of 500,000 words. Congrats!
Thank you!

Wait…the year is more than 10% done…doesn’t that mean you’re behind schedule?
You are an astute observer of the human condition and an interviewer unafraid of the tough questions. I like you.
Yes, I should be at about 15%. However, I was starting a new book at the beginning of the year. I tend to write very slowly at the beginning of the book while I’m finding my feet. As the book nears completion, I tend to write very quickly.
So, while I’m technically behind, I’m about where I expected to be at this point. By next month’s update, I’ll very likely be ahead of schedule.

Uh huh. Sure. So what’s this book you’re working on?
I’m working on the third and final book of the Deadlock trilogy.

What’s it called?
The Broken Lock.

What’s the title signify?
Read and find out.

When’s it coming out?
I’m aiming for the end of May.

Anything you want to tell us about the plot?
Oh, let’s see…It has a swarm of mayflies. And the Mississippi river. And more weird trees.

You’re a terrible salesman.
It has Frank and Zed’s final showdown. Better?

Now we’re talking! What’s on deck after that?
Swords and Shadows, the second Zane Halloway novella. Things get a bit more epic for Zane and Lily. There will be swords. There will be shadows. Possibly simultaneously.  That should drop at the end of April.

Wait, you said you’re writing that after The Broken Lock.
Yeah, it takes a lot longer to revise/edit/prep a novel than a novella.

Whatever. How about the rest of the year?
Next up is a standalone horror novel (tentatively) called  Sharp Notes. It’s about an evil song. Then I’ll start work on a sci-fi/action trilogy called The Short Timer. The first one in that series should come out late this year. And more novellas.  I’ve also got a couple secret projects in the works.

Mysterious. You still doing YouTube videos?
Yep. Two videos a week. Check them out here.

Final question: sources tell us your birthday is coming up in March. How old will you be?
This interview’s over.


Thief’s Odyssey

Noted writer of words and stories John L. Monk has published a new novel called THIEF’S ODYSSEY. I read an advance copy, and I think it’s his best yet. It’s about a master thief whose life is thrown into turmoil when his past catches up with him.

thief_blogIt’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s well researched. If I were the blurbing type, I might say something like: “THIEF’S ODYSSEY will steal your heart!” or “John L. Monk picked the lock to my book-loving mind and heart with this one!” or Unputdownable!!!”

But I’m not, so I’ll just give you the link and recommend you check it out at your earliest convenience. Which, let’s be honest, is now. Like whatever else you’re doing is unputdownable.

Click here to check it out on Amazon. Cool cover, too.

Fun fact: ‘Thief’ and ‘odyssey’ are two words I cannot spell write on the first try. So it took me way longer than it should have to write this post. But you’re worth it, reader. You’re worth it.

Thorns and Tangles BookTube Reviews

Despite a lifetime as an avid reader, I’ve never really been a part of a book club. I’ve tried to participate in some book discussion forums, but I haven’t found one that clicked for me. So sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people are just as passionate about books as I am.

Then I discovered BookTube.

Since then I’ve spent many happy hours watching people talk/gush/think deeply about books. And–no joke–every BookTuber I’ve interacted with has been super nice.

A couple BookTubers have recently posted reviews of my novella THORNS AND TANGLES.

Kitty G is one of my favorite BookTubers. She mostly discusses fantasy books, and she has the catchiest theme song EVER!

Craig is another great BookTuber. He reviews a wide variety of books from sci-fi to literary to horror. He mentioned my novella in his December wrap-up video.

If you would like to check out my BookTube channel, click here. Warning: I post a lot of videos.

If you have even a minor desire to start a BookTube channel, I high encourage you to do so. You’ve probably got a camera on your phone. Shoot a quick video, upload it, and see what happens. You’ll be surprised by the experiences you have and the friends you make.