New Releases and a Cool Interview

Book 4 - High Resolution

You ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to happen at once? That was last week for me. Three exciting things that have been in the works for a while all came to fruition.

  • The third Zane Halloway novella came out. It’s called LIGHTNING AND THRONES, and it’s a doozy. That’s right, I just typed the word doozy in the year 2015. That’s how strongly I feel. The reaction has been great so far. Unbiased readers and totally biased readers (like my wife and my editor) all agree that this is the strongest installment thus far.
    Check it out on Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo
  • The audiobook for A PLACE WITHOUT SHADOWS also dropped last week. The narrator is Robin Rowan, and she’s great. She really brought Sophie, Frank, and the rest of the characters to life.
    Check it out on Audible | Amazon | iTunes
  • Finally, I was interviewed on the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast. We talked about Booktube, conventions, dealing with bad reviews, and more. If you haven’t listened to the show before, please do so. Simon is one of the best interviewers working today, and I think he’s doing important work for the Indie publishing community..

unnamedSo, what’s next? The fourth Zane Halloway novella is up for pre-order now, and it comes out September 28th. I’m currently writing the fifth and sixth installments. I’m also in the early stages of working with an artist on the cover for the Zane Halloway omnibus, which will collect all the novellas in one massive paperback.  I’m also doing a readalong of the complete Sandman comic book series over on my YouTube channel.

Finally, I’m preparing for my workshop and two panels of the SFSE conference at the end of the month.

It’s good times! Busy, but good!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you for a minute. How are you?

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  1. Tyler.
    By way of intro I just spent the weekend with Judy and Murray at my brother Dales daughters wedding in Westlake Ca. (This is Diane) Judy and I got to talking about your books as I am a avid reader and I like science fiction. However at the Present I am more interested in childrens as I have 6 grand children. However Judy couldnt remember what site they were written under. Perhaps you could email me at the site. The last time I saw you and your family was at Aunt Eunices funeral in Marengo. I cant wait to hear from you.

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