Thorns and Tangles is Now Free

My fantasy novella Thorns and Tangles is now free on:

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes and Noble | KoboBook 1 - High Resolution

Here’s the description:


There’s only one rule: never kill for free.

Assassin Zane Halloway has been hired to kill Irving Farns, a reclusive genius whose innovations brought about a golden age of magic. Zane and his apprentice Lily will need to infiltrate the mysterious Abditus Society and find a way to assassinate the world’s leading expert in protective magic.

THORNS AND TANGLES introduces a world of magic, mystery, and assassins. This is the first in a series of novellas, but it also stands alone as a complete story.


Book 2 - High ResolutionAlready read it? Then it’s time to pre-order the sequel, Swords and Shadow! It only 99 cents and it drops on July 30th. Pre-order it, forget about it, and you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you at the end of July.

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

These novellas are a love letter to the fantasy genre. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did writing them.

3 Replies to “Thorns and Tangles is Now Free”

  1. I grew up in East Tennessee. 1974 grad Tennessee High School. Real enjoyable read. A plus is being I know the areas . Thanks

  2. Thorns and Tangles is not free on Amazon. Link must be old. I was hoping to try it out first. Waiting on the free Regulation 19 book as I signed up on the mailing list. Just finished The Savage Earth, my first under this author. Excellent. I wrote a review but amazon sent it back so I have to figure out what I did wrong.

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