Writing Update – February 2015

This is a new monthly series where I interview myself in order stay accountable and to keep you all informed about what’s up with P.T.

P.T. – I see you’re 10% to your annual writing goal of 500,000 words. Congrats!
Thank you!

Wait…the year is more than 10% done…doesn’t that mean you’re behind schedule?
You are an astute observer of the human condition and an interviewer unafraid of the tough questions. I like you.
Yes, I should be at about 15%. However, I was starting a new book at the beginning of the year. I tend to write very slowly at the beginning of the book while I’m finding my feet. As the book nears completion, I tend to write very quickly.
So, while I’m technically behind, I’m about where I expected to be at this point. By next month’s update, I’ll very likely be ahead of schedule.

Uh huh. Sure. So what’s this book you’re working on?
I’m working on the third and final book of the Deadlock trilogy.

What’s it called?
The Broken Lock.

What’s the title signify?
Read and find out.

When’s it coming out?
I’m aiming for the end of May.

Anything you want to tell us about the plot?
Oh, let’s see…It has a swarm of mayflies. And the Mississippi river. And more weird trees.

You’re a terrible salesman.
It has Frank and Zed’s final showdown. Better?

Now we’re talking! What’s on deck after that?
Swords and Shadows, the second Zane Halloway novella. Things get a bit more epic for Zane and Lily. There will be swords. There will be shadows. Possibly simultaneously.  That should drop at the end of April.

Wait, you said you’re writing that after The Broken Lock.
Yeah, it takes a lot longer to revise/edit/prep a novel than a novella.

Whatever. How about the rest of the year?
Next up is a standalone horror novel (tentatively) called  Sharp Notes. It’s about an evil song. Then I’ll start work on a sci-fi/action trilogy called The Short Timer. The first one in that series should come out late this year. And more novellas.  I’ve also got a couple secret projects in the works.

Mysterious. You still doing YouTube videos?
Yep. Two videos a week. Check them out here.

Final question: sources tell us your birthday is coming up in March. How old will you be?
This interview’s over.


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